Romancing the food

Indian food is coveted around the world for its rich mix of spices, assorted combination of ingredients, and tempting aromas. Scientists have plunged to a molecular level trying to unravel the secrets of what makes this labor-intensive cuisine so deliciously delectable. While the western world plays safe with ingredients that share flavors, India stirs the pot in the opposite direction, creating flavors that wrap your taste buds in exquisite richness.

Each part of India has its own distinct delicacies to offer. From breakfast to desserts, each of the 29 states puts something delicious and unique on the table. Gujarat brings the theplas; Sikkim, the momos; Tamil Nadu, the idlis, dosas, and medhu vadas; all of these bring a rich diversity to the thali. From the poha of Madhya Pradesh to the paranthas of Punjab, every state has its own iconic dish.

Whether it’s just sharing a vada pav and Irani chai with a colleague on the busy streets of Mumbai, gulping down golgappa with a gang of close friends in Delhi, or eating dinner off a banana leaf with family in God’s own country; food is the invisible bond that ties everyone together.

No matter the difference in caste, language, or culture, the food of the country breaks all barriers and brings its people of this flavor-rich country together.

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