Digestive enzymes are catalysts that help or speed up the process of digestion. These enzymes help in the breakdown of big food macromolecules into smaller and simpler substances that can be easily absorbed by your body and used by it for bodily functions and growth.

Most of the digestive enzymes are produced by the pancreas. The salivary glands, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, and colon also play pivotal roles in the production of these enzymes.

In certain conditions like acute and chronic indigestion, pancreatitis, malabsorption, diarrhoea or irritable bowel disease leading to weight loss, etc. using digestive enzyme supplements can relieve symptoms of indigestion and improve the quality of life.

Digestion is the foundation of health. The better you digest your foods, the more nutrients you get. Your energy, stamina, and wellness parameters all depend on this. Managing your digestion is essential to maintaining a healthy and happy life. Sometimes, due to infections, stress, medications, internal changes in the body, and other factors, your digestion may get compromised. This may lead you to experience uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, belching, stomach discomfort, heaviness after eating, nausea, pricking or stinging in the throat, and flatulence. If this happens frequently, to the extent that it interferes with your life, your doctor may recommend an enzyme supplement to ease your digestive distress.

6. What can be the probable causes of indigestion?

  1. Inactive lifestyle
  2. Certain medications
  3. Consumption of heavy meals or junk food
  4. Irregular eating habits
  5. Conditions like pancreatitis

Indigestion is associated with the following:

  1. Feeling of fullness
  2. Discomfort in the upper part of the stomach
  3. Tightness or bloating
  4. Burning sensation in the chest
  5. Nausea
  6. Belching or burping
  7. Flatulence or farting

The best time to take a digestive enzyme supplement is during or after meals as mentioned on the pack or as directed by your physician. This will provide the ideal working conditions for the supplement and improve its efficacy.

Supplementary enzymes are just an addition that can help your digestive system cope up when it needs help. Your doctor will prescribe a digestive enzyme supplement only when your body is slow or unable to produce its own enzymes. This will help you eradicate problems like recurrent indigestion and control complaints like bloating, belching, discomfort, or flatulence. The supplement will in no way interact with your normal production of enzymes; your body will continue to manufacture the enzymes needed. Supplemental digestive enzymes will simply aid the digestive process.

No. The very purpose of taking digestive enzymes is to improve digestion. If you take them on an empty stomach, they will reach the gut when it is empty and will have no food to act on, and their effect will be wasted. Hence, digestive enzymes should always be taken during or after meals as per the directions mentioned on the pack. This will ensure that they are available at the right time to act on the food that has to be digested.

Digestive enzymes are essential for the management of indigestion. They help relieve symptoms like bloating and belching and ensure that your digestion gets back on track. However, some minor side-effects like frequent bowel movements and cramping may occur in some people. If these side-effects become too bothersome, be sure to consult your doctor.

There are many ways to improve your digestion by tweaking your lifestyle.

  1. Be physically active.
  2. Avoid eating quickly without chewing properly.
  3. Be sure to maintain a regular dietary schedule.
  4. Avoid skipping meals.
  5. Instead of three heavy meals, split your diet into several small meals throughout the day.
  6. Eat less processed food and sugar.
  7. Add more fiber, fruits, and vegetables to your diet.
  8. If you are sensitive to certain types of food, such as dairy or gluten, restrict them or avoid them altogether.
  9. Practice stress control with yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Digeplex liquid has two components that are given to you separately; one tablet and one syrup.
Crush the tablet, add the crushed tablet to the bottle, and shake the bottle well before consuming.

Digestive enzymes are sensitive, and their effectiveness can get minimized if they are stored for a long time before intake. To avoid this interaction and disintegration, the two enzymes in Digeplex, namely amylase that digests carbohydrates and pepsin that digests proteins are kept separately.
Amylase is provided in the form of a tablet packed with the bottle containing pepsin (protease). The tablet has to be crushed and mixed with the pepsin syrup just before consumption. This ensures that both the enzymes are available in the most stable and freshest form possible.

The tablet will dissolve at normal room temperature if it is crushed properly before being added to the syrup in the bottle, and the bottle is shaken vigorously about 8-10 times.

After crushing the tablet and adding it to the bottle, be sure to shake the bottle well—at least 8-10 times. The tablet has been specially designed to dissolve completely by this procedure and give you full effectivity.

Many enzyme formulations available in the market may contain sweetening agents to make them palatable. These have to be avoided if you have diabetes.
Fortunately, Digeplex liquid can be safely taken by diabetics as it is sugar-free. It is sorbitol-based and, hence, does not contain any sweetener that can compromise sugar control.

Yes, digestive enzymes like Digeplex can be co-prescribed and taken along with any other medication, including antibiotics, and diabetes or blood pressure medication, if permitted by your physician. However, it is always best to share your complete medical history with your doctor because he/she is the best judge.

With age, appetite becomes less due to reduction of activity. Gut motility also reduces, leading to frequent indigestion. Digeplex can help elders by relieving symptoms like bloating, flatulence, stomach tightness, and nausea. It improves nutrient absorption too. Thus, Digeplex can improve your father’s overall quality of life. Moreover, it can be safely prescribed even if your father is a diabetic as it is sugar-free. On a doctor’s recommendation, it can also be safely taken with other medications like BP management and heart protection medicines.

We advise you to consult with your physician before taking Digeplex.

We advise you to consult with your physician before giving Digeplex to children.