Digestion is a process that requires the help of catalysts called digestive enzymes. These enzymes help or speed up the process of digestion. They aid in the breakdown of big food macromolecules into smaller and simpler substances that can be easily absorbed by your body and used for bodily functions and growth. These enzymes are very sensitive biomolecules and can get easily degraded if proper conditions are not maintained. This may reduce their effectivity.

As opposed to the other enzyme preparations available in the market, the two enzymes present in Digeplex, namely amylase that digests carbohydrates and protease that digests proteins, are kept separately till just before mixing. In Digeplex, fungal diastase (alpha amylase) is provided in the form of a tablet that is packed along with the bottle containing pepsin (protease). This tablet has to be crushed and mixed with the pepsin syrup just before consumption. This ensures that both the enzymes are available in the most stable and freshest form possible. There is minimal risk of interaction or degradation and, hence, less reduction in efficiency. The enzymes are able to act with complete potency and help you digest anything anytime.