About us

Digeplex is one of India's most trusted brands for indigestion**. It is loaded with powerful ingredients that help in the digestion of complex carbohydrates and proteins in our food. The original formula tastes good and comes with fresh enzymes in the form of tablets that are packed separately. This makes the tonic a unique, factory-fresh offering. It is also sugar-free and, thus, can be consumed even by diabetics. For digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, take Digeplex-T and Digemax tablets. They provide relief from bloating, burping, and gas, which are symptoms of indigestion. Because Digeplex Digests Anything*!

How Does Your Body Digest Food

Imagine a steam engine. It functions only when coal is burnt. Your body is like this engine, and the food you eat is the coal that is burnt to produce energy to run the engine.

You ingest food in the form of morsels or bites. Your teeth grind them into smaller pieces. Despite this, the food cannot pass through the intestinal lining as is. It needs to be broken down into smaller fragments, and this process is called digestion.